Through Eyes Like Mine is the story of a childhood told through the present-tense voice of Nori Nakada. Born to a Japanese American father and German-Irish mother in rural Oregon, Nori’s family becomes increasingly diverse when they adopt a six-year-old boy from Korea. She struggles to find comfort within a family, a community and a world that is both simple and complex.  By examining her family's silences, she begins to understand life, death and her own identity. The joys and challenges of growing up invite the reader to recall the world through eyes like mine.

Overdue Apologies, the follow-up to her early childhood memoir, Through Eyes Like Mine, explores the world of middle school where an adolescent Nori continues the story of her evolving family. She enters a new world where teenage friendships and coming-of-age shift her developing sense of identity. Nori's sharp perspective captures universal teen moments and takes the reader back to the excitement and challenges of growing up. 

"I never thought I'd become the kind of girl I became. It happened little by little, kind of like growing. You don't notice how tall you've gotten until your jeans hover several inches above your shoes. But that's how it happened. I woke up one morning and hardly recognized myself: a stranger struggling to understand the girl I'd become."